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NJ TRANSIT’s comprehensive Resilience Program aligns with our mission to make our transit systems and infrastructure stronger and more reliable for the people we serve every day.

Extreme weather events such as 2012’s Superstorm Sandy helped identify vulnerabilities in the New Jersey / New York region’s transportation. The likelihood of more and frequent severe weather events underscores the need to make transportation resiliency a high priority for the area.


Fortifying For The Future

While our initial post-Sandy efforts were aimed at repairing damage caused by the storm and restoring operations, we are now focused on moving forward — rebuilding a robust and sustainable transportation system that will better withstand the effects of extreme weather, while meeting the current and future transportation needs of our customers.


Integrated Resiliency

There are five main projects in our Resilience Program — each focusing on a specific system or infrastructure component but all vitally interconnected. The projects encompass every component of our bus and rail systems, including tracks, rolling stock, terminals, stations, power supplies, signals, communications systems, maintenance and repair facilities, and key infrastructure, such as bridges. Strengthening targeted elements in our transportation and infrastructure will help achieve integrated resiliency.

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Get Involved

Input from the public, interested groups, and government agencies is critical to the NJ TRANSIT Resilience Program and we encourage your feedback.

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Keeping You Informed

NJ TRANSIT established this website to keep our customers and stakeholders informed about our Resilience Program as it moves forward. Please visit the website often for helpful information and updates.

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NJ TRANSIT Resilience Program projects are funded by grants awarded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), including funding through FTA's Emergency Relief Program for resiliency programs in response to Superstorm Sandy.

Resilience Program Projects

Building Stronger